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**Unplugged and a guaranteed wild ride!** Hello, my name is Liz Hall and I am the Founder of Pain Sufferers Speak's Global Community. This is my "adults only" RAW blog where you and I can painspeak on loads of controversial topics. Expect cussing and rants. Love to connect with you and enjoy your stories, your input, your thoughts, your comments, and your opinions--Ask me anything, never been shy.
Pain Sufferers Speak RAW

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Designed and manufactured by Portland-based company RYNO, this one-wheeled personal transportation device (of the same name) originally started out as an answer to a curios 13-year old girl’s question: “Could you make a motorcycle with just one wheel, like the one in the cartoons?” After telling his daughter yes, Chris Hoffman decided to set about putting his 15 years of engineering experience to the test, with the intention of making that answer a reality. What you see here is the result, “half the bike and twice the fun!”
With its appearance resembling something of a super-manly electric unicycle, or a Segway on steroids, the RYNO – which is in fact an acronym for “Ride Your New Opportunity” – provides an incredible alternative to bikes, scooters or skateboards, whilst also combining the ability to ride on roads or travel on paths. Using two SLA batteries the RYNO can hit speeds of up to 10mph, which is a lot faster than your average brisk walking pace, travelling up to 10 miles on a full charge, without stopping to refuel along the way, and without creating a single filthy emission either.
While a little practice may be needed before you master the RYNO, its creators reassure us that it is simple to use and hugely effective in day-to-day life, essentially becoming an extension of yourself. Now available all across the United States, you can decide for yourself whether you’re ready to join the one-wheeled revolution.

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Can’t wait to go outside and explore this weekend!!

Choices help us realize if we can make it alone. We can climb a mountain, that’s a victory but sharing the view that’s accomplishment. #inspirational

Off-topic: Bugatti Veyron 2009 #bugatti